The Stress Coach | Performance Under Pressure
Chris Cunningham, psychologist, has over 30 years experience managing stress in high pressure situations.
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“If knowledge is power, then get ready to have more power over your stress than you’ve ever had…”

Chris Cunningham, The Stress Coach

For more than 30 years I’ve worked in high demand, high pressure environments in private practice, in the emergency services and with government agencies, with the judiciary and with non-government bodies and corporate organisations.

My roles have been as wide ranging as ‘operative’, supervisor, manager, trauma counsellor, critical incident responder, organisational consultant and of course consultant psychologist and executive and personal coach.

I know and understand stressful environments and organisations – from both sides of the equation.  I also know that the costs of working in such challenging and stressful environments can be very high.  That’s why I’ve been engaged to coach and counsel some of our most senior people toward change (and at times even recovery).

These are high performance people operating under high pressure, in high demand situations that require continued performance.  No mean feat!

It’s because I have experienced, know, and understand high performers, tough organisations and the effect of pressure and stress, that I am perfectly placed to help you manage your situation.

I understand how stress works and that stress doesn’t have to be endured, but rather managed.  And sometimes having someone work with you on dealing with your stress can make all the difference between performance and pain.

The Stress Coach

My clients come to see me for one of two reasons…

  • They’re beginning to struggle under the ever-increasing pressures they face every day and are desperate for strategies to cope.

  • They’re thriving under the challenges they face in their personal and professional life, but wish to take their achievements to the next level.

No matter which camp you may fall into, my exclusive framework will allow us to work together to accomplish your own clearly defined goal.

Don’t worry- I’m here to help you define just what that goal is!

After I understand your stress levels, reactions and coaching needs, we’ll use The Stress Coach framework to help you manage your stress, your thinking, your emotions and of course your stress behaviours.

The flexible Stress Coaching framework is based on validated behavioural science, employs preference profiling that shows how a person is likely to behave under pressure and is informed by leading edge neuropsychobiology.  All combined with a focus on your individual needs, priorities and preferences.

A Flexible Approach...

A Flexible Approach...

While my Stress Coach framework has been developed and refined by working with some of the top performing professionals across a range of industries, what matters to me most is how this roadmap works for you. I believe in taking a flexible approach and tweaking this framework for your individual circumstances and stress responses. This means we will use a range of techniques to work towards achieving your goal.

Get in contact today for more information on how we can work together to effectively manage your stress…

East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.